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Today I got to have a Christmas lunch with Unity’s staff. What a wonderful group of people! They are motivated by their love for God, they work extremely hard, and they are joy to be around.

I asked each staff member to share with me one of their most meaningful experiences at Unity in 2019. Here are their responses:

Bailey Beam, Director Of Children’s Ministry: “As I began my journey at Unity I was welcomed with open arms. I am so grateful for all of the love I have received in my short time here at Unity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family.”

Sally Brissenden, Receptionist: “As corny as this sounds, everyday is meaningful and joyful for me to serve at this wonderful church. Love is all around this campus. Prayer group, women’s groups, men’s groups, even people walking in and of course the staff. It’s a pleasure to come here every day. God has truly blessed me. Merry Christmas!”

Janeen Dishman, Office Manager: “The biggest joy I have had this year is in watching my creativity affect Unity in a positive way. From designing Unity shopping bags, to the new sidewalk sign, to our social media campaigns, knowing that I am able to help this church make a difference in the lives of people is very rewarding! And personally, to be able to join in the All-Church Retreat for a night was so fun! I got to meet some new people who I don’t get to see through the week and form deeper friendships with some I’ve known a long time. The love and acceptance of this whole congregation fills me with joy!”

Morris Sample, Treasurer: “One of my dreams for Unity has been to have a vibrant multi-generational congregation with programming for all age groups. With the staff additions and growth in 2019, we are close to realizing this dream.”

Dustin Stamey, Choir Director: “There are some weeks that feel really long and tiring. On those weeks, I am so grateful for the choir. I feel immediately more joyful as soon as I am immersed in the music and the choir community.”

Jeff Perks, Organist: “The organ concert is one of my favorite Unity memories of 2019. I loved that our church, in small Denver, NC, was able to host such a well-known organist. It was amazing to see such a large crowd support this event!”

Henry Haynes, Pastor Of Visitation: “My most joyful/meaningful experience at Unity is the friendships. At Unity I find friends who stick together in adversity, friends who give more than they expect to get back, and friends who incite each other to higher purposes.”

Tim Fox, Campus Manager: “I have loved to see how central Unity is to the Denver community. Our campus is extremely well utilized by this church and outside groups throughout the week.”

Jon Drawdy, Interim Youth Director: “My favorite youth event was the Dash and Go. It was really fun to give back in such a tangible way. The middle and high school students were extremely excited to support our community.”

Karen Taylor, Preschool Director: “One of my greatest joys about working at Unity has always been the love and support I feel from the amazing board and church staff and church members. This year, when we have experienced the biggest growth in 19 years, has been especially meaningful. This church is so incredibly loving and supportive that working here is a complete joy! I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful place!”

Missy Murdock, Assistant Preschool Director: “It has been a joy being back at Unity after being away for 2 years. I have such appreciation now for things that I didn’t even notice before. Recently I worked with two Unity church members that volunteered their time so that preschool students could have their picture taken with Santa. I taught Santa’s grandchildren 15 years ago at Unity preschool and they are all in college now. It was a “full circle moment” for me and the time I spent those two days felt so special. I love the way Unity Church supports their preschool.”

David Bonnema, Senior Pastor: “On March 17, we had ten middle and high school students join the church through our Confirmation program. Nothing brings me more joy in the life of the church than seeing a person publicly proclaim their faith in Christ. I am excited to be part of a church that helps all people- young and old- discover God in their lives.”

See you on Sunday for the Choir Cantata!
-Pastor David
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