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Video 6 – December 2021 – Overcoming Adversity

Video 5 – October 2021 – Immigrants and Refugees

Video 4 – August 2021 – People of Different Faiths

Pastor Dana speaks to a Jew and a Muslim about their experiences living in North Carolina.

Video 3 – July 2021 – Asians in America

We speak to four Asian Americans about their experiences as people of color in America.


VIDEO 2 – June 2021: Growing up Black in Denver

As we delve into our series of workshops, our first topic covered is “Growing Up Black in Denver.” Pastor David sits down with five long-time residents of Denver to hear their experiences. (Once you hit the play arrow, you may wish to hit the CC square at the bottom of the video to turn on subtitles.)

VIDEO 1 – May 2021: Starting Points

As we seek to understand those around us by “Walking in Their Shoes” join us for a series of workshops. These will be posted on this page at the beginning of each month. Our first video, “Starting Points,” is below.


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