Seeking Answers

Sixth grade was the first time I ever questioned the Bible. Up until that point, I was immersed in a childlike faith. No questions. No hesitations. Just a full throated embrace of Christianity. I distinctly remember sitting in Sunday school at my church in Tacoma, WA, hearing the Bible lesson, and having an unwelcome thought...

One After Another

One of my favorite parts of living in Denver is being near to the mountains. I took the picture in this email during one of my family’s first trips to the mountains after moving to North Carolina in 2018. I snapped this photo because of how struck I was by the many ridges I could...

Spring Flowers

The next time you’re on the church campus, take a walk along the sidewalk that leads behind the Education Building. At the far end of the building you’ll discover my favorite tree on campus. As I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning, it is fully in bloom. The light pink petals often cascade off of...

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