Spring Flowers

The next time you’re on the church campus, take a walk along the sidewalk that leads behind the Education Building. At the far end of the building you’ll discover my favorite tree on campus. As I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning, it is fully in bloom.

The light pink petals often cascade off of the tree like a shower of light. This tree tells me that spring is here.

Spring, a time when new life emerges after a winter of dormancy.

Bursting colors. Plants pushing up through the earth. There are many signs of spring.

The word that is lodged in my mind during this season is awaken. It feels like the whole world is waking up.

I believe God can use the seasons of life to teach us, if we have a heart to learn.

Spring reminds me that God may be awakening something in me too.

Perhaps it is a new understanding of God or a new passion for God’s Word. Perhaps God is awakening a part of you that has long felt dormant, but is now coming back to life.

Take time this week to sense God at work in you. Where do you feel God moving, directing, nudging? What is God gently rousing in you?

Spring is also a time of rain, isn’t it?

April showers bring May flowers. Or when spring comes early, March showers…

It’s been a rainy month, hasn’t it? Sometimes the rain can be frustrating because it keeps us inside or might make us feel more gloomy. But the rain is doing its much needed work, preparing the earth for the new life right around the corner.

Are you in a rainy season of life? When you’re frustrated over a particular challenge or you find it difficult to keep a positive mood? These seasons aren’t fun, but they can be necessary. I encourage you to look for God at work even in the rain. Because God never stops working.

There’s a beautiful verse about rain from the book of Deuteronomy:

Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.
—Deuteronomy 32:2

In your current season of life, allow God to teach you. Allow God’s teaching to nourish you like spring showers on newly planted grass. Much like plants need rain to survive and thrive, we need God’s presence and instruction.

This Sunday is week three in the 40 Days Of Life series. We’ll study a story that might be more appropriate for Halloween than for Lent. You can read ahead in Mark 5.

Wednesday Night Dinner menu for tomorrow: Meatball subs. YUM! Join us for Bible study at 5 pm and dinner at 5:45 pm.

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

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