Walking in Their Shoes – Part 3

Today we will continue our explanation of the minor prophets (i.e. shorter in length) with a look at Zechariah. The name Zechariah means God has remembered. How beautiful. At times, God can feel distant or even absent from daily life. I’m sure most of us have had times where we’ve wondered, “God, where are you?...

Walking in Their Shoes Part 2

This Sunday is week 2 of our Walking In Their Shoes series. The Biblical basis for this series is the prophets. Through this blog I plan to highlight important verses from some of the little-known prophets. In seminary we were taught that the prophets were divided into two groups: the major prophets and the minor...

Whose Shoes are Those?

What’s with those shoes? You may wonder that on Sunday as you see a variety of different shoes hanging on the backdrop in the sanctuary. You’ll see work boots, sports cleats, kids shoes, dance shoes, muddy shoes, pristine shoes, military boots, high heels— all types of shoes. Why? Because we are starting a new five-week...

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