The Best Meal

A congregation member once told me that she’d attended a Hickory Crawdads game and her section had won a prize. The whole section of the stadium was abuzz. What did they win?

Free tickets to a game?

A Crawdads t-shirt?

A new car?!

It turns out, each person in the section was given one can of Busch beans. Talk about a let down!

For the season of Lent we are considering abundance. For something to be abundant it must exceed expectations.

Abundance is over the top—something akin to winning a lifetime supply of Busch beans!

Jesus came so that you can have abundant life.

The Bible speaks in many places about the abundance that comes from God. Today, I want to explore two verses from a psalm.

Take a moment and read slowly these words.

They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.
—Psalm 36:8-9

The psalmist encourages you to imagine being in God’s house. What is present there?


“…the abundance of your house.”

In God’s house, you are feasting on abundance.

Imagine the greatest meal you’ve ever had. I don’t want you to remember simply how it tasted. I want you to remember the satisfied feeling you had after you finished.

Or a time when you were parched and thirsty, your throat raw, and you finally took a drink.

These feelings of fulfillment and contentment come when we find ourselves in God. I believe the last sentence is particularly helpful in this regard.

…in your light we see light.

We can only see the world as it actually is when we see it through God’s light.

Where are you spiritually hungry? What longing do you feel for God to act in your life?

When we follow God, we walk in abundance.

Sure, there will still be times when we feel drained or spiritually malnourished. But this shouldn’t be the norm. As Christians, let us expect more.

Let us walk in abundance.

This Sunday you can come early for a delicious breakfast. It starts at 8:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. In worship, we’ll celebrate the sacrament of communion.

Don’t forget— tomorrow at 6:15 pm will be our next Walking In Their Shoesdiscussion: People Of Other Faiths (You can watch here: Come for dinner and stay for conversation.

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

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