Our Choices, God’s Plan

Today’s questions that were submitted by the congregation have to do with the intersection between our free will and God’s plans. Congregation’s Questions: Was Judas’ betrayal and Jesus’ crucifixion a part of God’s plan? Could humans have changed the outcome? Allow me to answer these one at a time. Was Judas’ betrayal and Jesus’ crucifixion...

A Stellar Good Time

Unity Presbyterian Church invests heavily in Vacation Bible School— it is a ‘all hands on deck’ situation full of volunteers and staff dedicating their time. Why? We believe that VBS is one of the best ways to teach children about God’s love. Teaching faith to the next generation is what its all about. This year’s...

A Prayer for Peace

Today’s question from the congregation: Why does God allow the war in Ukraine to continue? Let’s begin with what we know unequivocally: God condemns evil. God stands with the oppressed. One day God will judge those who have killed the innocent. I know God sees the unjust war in Ukraine and is deeply grieved. Why...

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