Hiking in the Rain

Wow, it has been a rainy week! I’ve noticed that a few things things happen when it steadily rains for several days in a row:  -The grass grows much faster (mowing hills is hard)! -My desire for a hot cup of coffee grows -My kids get stir crazy after being cooped up in the house Thankfully, I’m...

Red Clay

I did not realize that this part of North Carolina had so much red clay until I moved here and began gardening. Previously I had spent time in the North Carolina mountains where the soil is different. I assumed it would be the same in the Piedmont. And then I started digging. Sarah and I...

Worship, Grow, Serve, Join

Worship, grow, serve, join.  These are the four steps that are being promoted through our brand new welcome center. For the last few weeks, your congregational care team, along with your ushers, have been discussing how to help visitors get connected to the church. One idea that emerged from these conversations was creating a welcome center. You probably noticed...

New Ministry Team

Every stage of life brings new challenges and new opportunities.  I’ve bet you’ve noticed that, haven’t you? Life was different when you were fresh out of college, eager to start a career. Life changed again if you had kids, and you became immersed in their sports and clubs and school. Life changes every time you...

Golf Tournament 2018

Enjoy scenes from our Missions Golf Tournament on Monday, April 30, 2018.

It’s Official!

This past Sunday was my installation as senior pastor of Unity. I feel deeply grateful for the volunteers who spent countless hours working to make the service and dinner so incredible. I have quite a few highlights: -Dinner.  Wow! I have heard since my arrival how delicious Jack Wong and company’s meals can be. I...

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