Comfort and Compassion

This past Sunday I preached on the purpose of pain. Let’s continue to explore this topic. Pain and suffering are universal. What I mean by this is that every human on earth will go through painful experiences. Every person who has ever lived has gone through periods of suffering. The particular type of pain I experience...

A Snowy Day

What do you do when you’re snowed into your house? You build a snow fort, of course. My daughters and I spent yesterday morning building a snow fort in the back yard. The goal, as Zoe said it, was to build it large enough so the dog couldn’t get in. Our labradoodle, Annie, has a...

Installing New Elders

This Sunday we will ordain and install Unity’s new class of elders. This is an exciting time in the church! Elders are men and women who have responded to God’s call to serve Unity for a three year term. Elders have many responsibilities, but here are two of the main ones: 1. Elders serve on...

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