Installing New Elders


This Sunday we will ordain and install Unity’s new class of elders.

This is an exciting time in the church! Elders are men and women who have responded to God’s call to serve Unity for a three year term. Elders have many responsibilities, but here are two of the main ones:

1. Elders serve on the session.

Unity has 15 elders currently serving on session. Each year a third of the elders end their term and a new third begins. This ensures that there is always a level of institutional knowledge on the session while also allowing for new perspectives.

The session’s #1 goal is to represent the will of God through its decisions. Yes, that is an ambitious goal! I believe that God is actively at work within this congregation. Yet often, the movement of God is subtle and discreet.

The members of session seek to discern together, through conversation and prayer, how God is leading this congregation.

Session meetings are once a month and are currently meeting via Zoom. These meetings are open to any congregation member who would like to sit in. They meet on the third Monday of each month.
2. Elders chair a team.

Our church divides itself into teams, each with a particular area of responsibility. An elder chairs the team and the rest of the team is made up of congregation members.

Children & Youth- Elders Tracy Alford and Karen Brailey

This team exists to teach, inspire, and unite the children/youth and their families so they may develop their faith through exploring the scriptures, discussions, fellowship, service and connecting with others in their church, community and world.

Christian Life – Elders Phillip Minter and Andy Priola

This team plans social events and dinners throughout the year to bring the church together in fellowship.

Congregational Care – Elders Carol Robinson and Kevin Pitton

This team provides cards to members for birthdays and anniversaries; offers meals to those who are ill or recently hospitalized; offers blood drives, blood pressure screenings, and other health-related events, and cares for our college students.

Mission- Elders Bill Muir and Ann Lampron

This team covers all aspects of our outreach to others in the community, nation, and internationally.

The Mission Team also has two committees who serve under this umbrella:

The Compassion, Peace, and Justice Committee (CPJ) helps educate the congregation on matters of social justice.

The Earth Care Committee has a heart for the earth and works on projects like recycling, composting, energy conservation, and congregational education around the church.

Stewardship– Elders Autumn Watson and Kate Conrad

This team is responsible for the physical church campus, stewardship season and the administrative health of the church.

Welcome And Outreach- Elder Jeanette Aimutis

This brand new team is responsible for reaching outside of Unity’s wall to be a welcoming presence to the community. They will also help new members assimilate into the church.

Finance- Elders Bill Jenkins and Kate Conrad

This team meets quarterly to review financial trends at Unity.

Clerk of Session- Neal Walker

Our incoming elders are Jeanette Aimutis, Neal Walker, Kerry Hanne, Andy Priola, Karen Brailey and Ashley Fowler (youth elder). I’m so proud of them for accepting God’s call!

Join us on Sunday as we pray for them and their leadership. Pray that they will feel God’s presence in their service to Unity.

-Pastor David

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