Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I am looking forward to celebrating Halloween tonight by taking Zoe and Riley trick or treating. They are at an ideal age for this tradition. They are excited about their costumes (a mermaid and a mermaid riding a seahorse) and can’t wait to get lots of candy. I’m looking forward to teaching them about sharing by eating some of their candy.

I got a sneak preview of Halloween yesterday when the church office was visited by the Unity Preschool. Each preschool class visited the individual church offices where the staff was waiting with candy and treats. This was my first time participating in the Unity Preschool trick or treat, and I learned something new. Apparently the staff dresses up in costumes too! Thank goodness that the church office has an attic that is filled with old costumes and random stuffed animals. I grabbed a cowboy hat and a stuffed bear that was the size of me, and I was ready to go.

This event put a giant smile on my face. Tons and tons of kids came through the office. In fact, by the end I only had one piece of candy left! Our preschool has record numbers this year. I am so proud of our church for creating Unity Preschool. And I am very thankful for the leadership of Karen Taylor, the Preschool director, for all of the work she and our teachers put in to creating such a wonderful school.

Unity Preschool sometimes hides in the background of what we do since it meets during the week. We don’t see it in action on a Sunday morning, and so it can be easy to overlook it’s work. I hope this post reminds us of how blessed we are to have such a thriving preschool program at our church. I receive joy from realizing how many kids are learning about God and growing their bodies, minds and hearts in a safe and loving environment. Way to go Unity!

“Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from God.”
-Psalm 127:3
See you on Sunday!
-Pastor David
P.S. Our Stewardship campaign lasts through Nov. 18. Estimated Giving Forms are available at https://www.unitypres.org/connect-with-us/giving/. Thank you!
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