Gospel Concert – Building Bridges to Racial Unity

A community of faith gathered at Unity Presbyterian Church on October 14, 2018 for a Gospel Concert that  provided a  history of gospel music, including how it has evolved both in the African-American and the white churches. The concert was an outgrowth of a collaborative commitment that seven area churches have made to become better neighbors and Build Bridges to Racial Unity.

Performing were:
The Miracles
Derone McNeill
Gold Hill Praise Team
Harold Dixon
St. James Youth Chorale
The Mariners
Unity Choir

Bishop Franklin Lowery (Gold Hill Baptist Church)
Reverend Tricia Lytle (Unity Presbyterian Church)

Churches Involved: Brevard Chapel UMC, Ebenezer UMC, Gold Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Rockhill UMC, St. James UMC, Tucker’s Grove UMC, Unity Presbyterian Church(USA).

Those who were there put this experience in their own words:

“The concert was phenomenal. It was a great way for different ethnic backgrounds, different socio-economic backgrounds and people with cultural differences to be together as one.  It wasn’t black people or white people – It was God’s people coming together as one.”  Lisa Lowery Frazier, Gold Hill.

“It was amazing how smooth it was. I enjoyed hearing the history of gospel   music before each song.” Jerry Nixon, St. James UMC

“It gave me a ray of hope in the midst of all that’s going on in the world!”  Linda Cook, St James

“The concert was a powerful statement that we are one in the faith. God inspired music fills our hearts like nothing else does and reminds us that the Bible’s message unites us as it has united others for generations. And by the way, my toes are still tapping!”  Elaine Jenkins, Unity

“Thanks to God!  The Gospel Concert was a work of love–an expression of loving contact with God in prayer.” Henry Haynes

“For me, it was a prayer answered. We’re on the first floor, and God has more in store for us.  As I watched people sing, I saw a oneness.  There’s something about Gospel music that allowed us to unite as one, and I have heard a whole lot of positive feedback! I believe that’s what heaven is going to look like. I am grateful to have been a part of it.”  Bishop Franklin Lowery, Gold Hill

“The concert was heartwarming and the outstanding music stirred my soul. I was filled with gratitude as our communities came together to celebrate such a joyous occasion. Truly Amazing Grace.” Jan Brittain

“The gospel concert was a visible and tangible  assurance of our desire to move beyond racial barriers. Sunday night united us in the universal language of love through music. Sisters and brothers stood beside one another with contagious joy as we heard the gospel story sung so powerfully. Many were propelled out of their seats with beaming smiles and clapping hands. How powerful to celebrate what God has done among us, knowing we are all one in Christ Jesus. Amen.”  Rev. Tricia G. Lytle

“What a delight and privilege to participate in a truly unifying event at Unity. The joining together of all the participants in the concluding mass choir selection was an experience of a lifetime. Already looking forward to next year’s event.” Ken Sipes, Unity’s Mariners Quartet


“This needs to be a yearly event.”

“A total sensory experience. Almost hard to take it all in.”

Thank you to Gary Hinrichs for the beautiful photos of this event.




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