Homecoming – 260 Years and Counting…


What were you doing 260 years ago?

Wait…you say you weren’t born yet? Me either. None of us were alive back then.

But this church existed.

Unity Presbyterian Church began in 1764— exactly 260 years ago. Generations of Christians have worshipped and glorified God on this very spot for generations.

You are a part of a legacy that long predates any of us.

This Sunday, we get to celebrate all that God has done over the history of Unity.

We will have only ONE service at 11 am because we want the whole congregation to be together for Homecoming. The end-of-the-year party for children’s Sunday school will also be held during the 11 am service.

The service will be followed by a lunch at noon.

Join us as we celebrate the past and envision the future. Because God’s not done working through us yet.

God is doing so much through this faith community. As a pastor, it is inspiring to watch the many ways you allow God to work through you.

You are active in welcoming others: just this past month we have had 10 new members!

You are active in missions: Syrian children living in the manse were given a no-cost shopping trip for clothes, shoes, and personal items at Asbury Resource Center in Lincolnton.

You are active in caring for our property: God has blessed us with extensive grounds and over 50 volunteers volunteered at the Campus Beautification Day.

Let’s celebrate the past and the many ways the generations of Christians before us chose to their lives by faith.

Let’s greatly anticipate the future and the unique ways God will form, encourage, and lead this community into tomorrow.

See you on Sunday— at 11 am!

—Pastor David

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