Ways to Serve

This past Sunday was Volunteer Recognition Sunday at Unity. This was a moment to recognize that the church cannot function properly without volunteers. The church is not a building, it is the people. And a church that is active, healthy and thriving is one where each member is engaged in something they deeply care about.

The truth is, God has gifted each one of us with unique talents. How we use those talents is up to us.

I tell each Unity 101 class to find one area of the church to engage with on a deeper level. Maybe that’s serving as a Sunday school teacher. Maybe that’s helping to cook a dinner or a breakfast. Maybe that’s serving in one of the many mission areas. Maybe it’s becoming engaged in the drama ministry, as a worship liturgist, or by singing in the choir.

Don’t do everything. We don’t want anyone in the church to burn out by doing too much.

But my hope is everyone chooses one thing. Simply put, the church is better when we all use our gifts.

Where do you feel God tugging on your heart?

I bet that as soon as you identify the area, your mind comes up with reasons why not to volunteer. Let’s face it— we’re all busy. But life is about priorities. Can you imagine if each of the 600 members of Unity engaged in one area they were passionate about? Gosh, it puts a smile on my face just imagining it.

On Sunday I introduced the Ways To Serve form. Here is the link: https://www.unitypres.org/volunteer/

On this form you will see 11 ministry areas to choose from. When you click on one of the areas (Fellowship Team, for example) a drop down menu will appear with specific options to choose from (Help with meals, set up coffee and cookies, etc).

Please spend some time discerning how you can engage in the church this coming year.

This Sunday we’ll continue our summer of questions. This week’s question: Did God make the world in 7 days or was it the Big Bang? How do we reconcile these two different theories?

Looks like we’ll get to explore the relationship between science and faith. Fun!

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

P.S. Here’s the link again: https://www.unitypres.org/volunteer/

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