THAT’s in the Bible?

Summer is nearing a close and we’ve experienced a glimmer of fall this week. The lower temps and dropping humidity have been a welcome blessing after a hot couple of months.

The season of the church is also changing. Fall ushers in the start of new programming and opportunities to get together.

It also means we’ll be starting a new preaching series.

This Sunday we will be concluding our questions series. I’ve received more positive feedback on this series than any other preaching series I’ve been a part of.

That tells me that these questions are universal. All of us wonder about them. Its been a privilege to explore them with you, the community of faith. The series has been so popular that I think we’ll have to do it again next summer! As questions come to your mind throughout the year, write them down and save them for next summer.

Our next series is called Strange Scriptures.

The Bible is an incredible collection of books. There are a total of 66 books in the Bible.

These books were written over a span of at least 1,500 years.

The Bible has about 40 different authors.

The Bible includes poetry, songs, history, gospels, letters, wisdom sayings, prophecy, and an apocalypse.

With such a diverse, eclectic book, we’re bound to run into some strange stories.

We thought it’d be fun to explore some of the strange stories of scripture this fall. For example, did you know that there’s a talking donkey in the Bible? (Numbers 22) And a man with six fingers on his hands and six toes on his feet? (2 Samuel 21:20). And a tower that was built for the purpose of reaching heaven? (Genesis 11).

There are times when you read the Bible and proclaim “I didn’t know THAT was in there!”

Honestly, I think that’s part of the fun of reading such a historic document.

Strange Scriptures will begin on August 28.

This Sunday we’ll tackle the final question in our series: Why did God take away my sister at such a young age?

See you on Sunday!

-Pastor David

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