Voice, Passion, and Faith

God said something incredible to King Solomon early on in his reign. God said, “No one like you has ever been before you, and no one like you shall arise after you.”
—1 Kings 3:12

God speaks of the inherent uniqueness of Solomon, and I think that’s something God would say about all of us. Each one of us is entirely unique. None has been born exactly like you. And none will be born exactly like you.

You have been designed by God in a distinctive, unequaled way.

I want you to consider this in three areas of your life.

Your Voice

Nobody sounds exactly like you. And I don’t mean the actual tenor of your voice. I mean the way you speak, the way you communicate, the things you want to speak up about, your voice.

Sometimes we hold our voice in because we don’t know what to say or we fear others might misunderstand us. We suppress our voice and hide it within. Remember that the world needs your voice. We need to hear your unique understanding of the world. Don’t hold that back.

Your Passion

Each one of us has unique passions, we are enthusiastic about different things. And I’m not just talking about hobbies (i.e being passionate about sports teams or books). God gives us passions as a way to help the world.

Hopefully you’ve seen a need in the world and have felt passionate to fix it. You’ve encountered a problem that you just had to solve. The world needs your passion. Kindle it. Nurture it. And let it loose.

Your Faith

No one thinks about God in quite the way you do. We are all unique in how we come to understand the divine. Unity is a place for us all to journey together as we grow in our understanding of God. At Unity, we seek to learn from one another as we, together, pursue God.

I’m so glad for your unique faith. And passion. And voice. Don’t hold them back or keep them in. The world needs them.

No one is just like you. And no one will be just like you again.

Church is incredible because it allows us to come together in our uniquenessand strive towards a common goal. Yes, God made us all differently but God has also given us a collective purpose.

Together, we worship God, learn from the scriptures, and seek to improve the world. How awesome!

Unity is at its best when you use the unique way God made you to join this collective purpose. Honestly, that’s what makes this church so vibrant. Think of all the different types of people who are a part of this congregation.

No two are exactly alike. And that’s just the way God designed it.

This Wednesday our programming returns. Bible study is at 5 pm in the Fellowship Hall. We’ll be studying the stories of David. Jack and the crew will cook dinner at 5:45 pm.

This Sunday, at the 9:30 am service, we’ll be giving Bibles to our third grade students.

We’ll also start Week 3 of The Story Of David series. You can read ahead to 1 Samuel 18 to discover the way comparison brought down a king.

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

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