The Story of Daniel

“Daniel is a story of kingdoms: human kingdoms that rise and fall, and God’s kingdom, which rises and remains.”

-Paul R. House

You are invited to join a new Bible study that is beginning today: the study of the book of Daniel!

Each Tuesday at 4 pm we will study Daniel via Zoom at Simply click on the link and you will be directed to our group study.

Many of us think of Daniel and the lion’s den when we think of the book of Daniel. Believe me— there is so much more to this book! The story of Daniel spans 7 decades. In its pages you will witness the rise and fall of various kingdoms. You will also see God’s sovereign work throughout it all.

The book of Daniel describes a time of exile for the people of God. Jerusalem is conquered by Babylon. Daniel and his friends are captives living in a foreign country against their will. They are away from their friends, families and home towns and are forced to adapt to an entirely new set of circumstances.

The first half of Daniel is strictly historical (Dan. 1-6). The second half of Daniel is full of dreams, visions and prophecies (Dan. 7-12). Some visions are for Daniel’s time and some are for our time.

Daniel is a deeply authentic follower of God. He epitomizes what it means to love one’s enemies. He is steadfast in his beliefs and courageous in standing up for what is right. He is earnest in prayer and in his care for his friends.

Here is an outline of the book of Daniel:

Outline of the Book of Daniel

Daniel 1: Jerusalem is defeated by Babylon and Daniel is taken into exile. Daniel is trained to work for the king in this foreign land.

Daniel 2: King Nebuchadnezzar has a disturbing dream that no one can interpret. God interprets this dream through Daniel.

Daniel 3: King Nebuchadnezzar creates a golden statue in his own image and demands its worship. Three faithful Jews and friends of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, refuse to bow down. They are thrown into a fiery furnace, and yet survive.

Daniel 4: King Nebuchadnezzar has another disturbing dream that no one can interpret. God once again interprets this dream through Daniel.

Daniel 5: Decades later a new king rises to power: King Belshazzar. The King displeases God and a disembodied hand suddenly appears and writes a cryptic message. No one knows what the message means. God interprets the message through Daniel.

Daniel 6: A new king reigns: King Darius. He creates a decree that forces all to worship him. Daniel refuses and is thrown into the lion’s den. God rescues Daniel.

Daniel 7: Daniel dreams of the four beasts.

Daniel 8: Daniel dreams of a ram and a goat.

Daniel 9: A beautiful prayer of Daniel on behalf of the kingdom.

Daniel 10: Daniel dreams of the son of man (a later title for Jesus).

Daniel 11: The prophesy of the four kings

Daniel 12: The End Of Time: A Foretelling

I hope to see you this afternoon as we begin the study of Daniel.

This Sunday we will begin a new series about experiencing the presence of God on a daily basis.

“See” you on Sunday!

-Pastor David Bonnema

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