The Stories of Unity

This Sunday our Stewardship season comes to a close. We hope to collect all of our Estimate of Giving cards by this Sunday. This will allow us to accurately prepare our 2020 budget. If you have not yet had the opportunity to turn in an estimate, you can do so at
I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on what makes Unity Presbyterian so special. The answer I come to is simple: the people. It is the people of this congregation that make this community so remarkable. In this last year I’ve gotten to hear many of your stories. These stories have helped me appreciate the uniqueness of this church.
I heard the story of a long time member falling ill and having to go to the hospital. Almost immediately, friends from church were visiting, sharing meals, caring for pets, and handling household details until this person regained their health. I am thankful for a church that deeply cares for its members and will go to great lengths to show that care.
I had a conversation with someone who had never prayed before. This person was a bit suspicious of religion and did not profess any particular faith. But he came to the church office to meet with a pastor because he didn’t know where else to turn. We talked for an hour, and I ended our time with prayer. He has been attending our church ever since. I am thankful for a church that welcomes all people, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.
A parent of a young child told me that the child LOVED Sunday school. The child was too young to read a calendar, so most days she would excitedly ask, “Is today church?!” One week the family was out of town for a Sunday. That Monday the little girl asked, “Is today church?!” The mother replied, “No, we had to miss church because we were out of town.” The mom reported how mad her daughter was that she didn’t think she’d ever hear the end of it! I am thankful for a church where kids form a foundation of faith to build their lives upon.
“Every good and perfect gift is from God.” 

-James 1:17

This church is a gift from God. I am grateful for you and the ways in which you enrich this community with your presence.
See you on Sunday!

-Pastor David


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