The Spirit of Truth

Do you have an inner critic?

I bet you do. All of us do.

You know, that voice inside of you that critiques, questions and doubts. The inner critic voices complaints against who you are as a person.

You’re not good enough at (parenting, your marriage, your work).

The inner critic is really good at making you compare yourself to others— but always unfavorably.

I’m not nearly as successful as…(or beautiful as, or capable as).

The inner critic loves to point out your perceived shortcomings and the places in your life you’ve failed or let others down. Yes, unfortunately we all have an inner critic.

Guess what. You also have an inner ally.

Jesus tells us that “The Spirit of truth…lives with you and will be in you.”
—John 14:17

Your inner ally is the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to start listening to your inner ally and not your inner critic.

At times this means arguing with your inner critic. Talk back. Don’t allow its critiques to go unchecked. Remember, you have the Spirit of truth inside of you. Ally yourself with the truth, not half-truths or downright falsehoods.

I’ve heard that fear comes when we allow our threats to seem bigger than our resources.

The inner critic will often try to inflate our problems and troubles to seem bigger than they actually are. The Spirit of truth will share reality as it actually is. We listen to the voice of God in us because God will lead us to what is actually true about ourselves and our life situations.

Imagine the Holy Spirit as your ally (your partner, your advocate) as you navigate life. God will always be with you, helping you and guiding you. No matter what other voices try to tear you down.

Listen to the voice of truth. 

This Sunday we continue our new preaching series titled “Things we think the Bible says (but it doesn’t).

This week’s incorrect statement: Good people go to heaven (bad people don’t). Is this what the Bible teaches? I’d argue no. Find out why on Sunday.

We are in the middle of our annual Stewardship campaign titled Overflowing. We hope to have all of the estimates turned in by Nov. 6. Please turn in an Estimate of Giving Card to Unity. Estimates are how we create our 2023 budget. You can fill one out at the following link:

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

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