Surprised By God


This past summer my family spent a week at a beach in North Carolina. The house that we stayed at had a canal in the backyard. Zoe and Riley noticed this and immediately began begging to go fishing. They each had a child sized fishing pole (pink, of course). And they assured me that they were really good at fishing. I told them we had to unpack our luggage first, but then I’d be happy to take them.

I should point out that I really did not expect them to catch much of anything. After all, they are very young with short attention spans. But I knew they’d have fun so I agreed to take them. We went to a local fishing outlet and they recommended that we buy shrimp for bait. When we got back to the dock I began putting bait on Riley’s hook. I then casted and let her hold onto her pole as I began baiting Zoe’s hook.

Within seconds Riley starts screaming “I got one Daddy! I got one!” I didn’t believe her, so I said “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute when I am done with Zoe’s pole.” Zoe then runs over to Riley and says, “I’ll help you reel it in!” At this point I’m intrigued, although still skeptical. I turn around and sure enough, Riley has got herself a small pinfish.

This story made me realize: It is fun to be surprised.

I have found this to be true in my faith as well. God often surprises me in how God chooses to show up in my life. I expect God to work in a particular way, and I am surprised when God does something different. I’m a big planner, and I like things to go as I have planned them. So when God surprises me, it is not always a welcome surprise.

Over time, I have worked on being open to the surprises of God. This involves removing my own expectations and trusting in God. After all, it is God who is in control, not me. And I need to trust God with my day much more than my feeble plans.

Have you recently been surprised by God? Perhaps we should be like the Psalmist as we wait for the surprises of God in life.

“Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.”
-Psalm 90:14
Don’t forget that this Sunday we are expanding to two services. The first service will be at 9:30 am and it will be a more casual service with a variety of musical options. The 11:00am service will be a bit more traditional and will be led by our outstanding choir. Sunday school for children and youth will be offered at 9:30 am. I am ready to be surprised by what God will do with our services.

See you on Sunday!

-Pastor David
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