The world’s first autobiography was written by St. Augustine around 400 A.D. Augustine is thought to be the first person (at least in western civilization) to write a comprehensive account of his life.
What makes his autobiography really interesting is that he writes it as a prayer to God. Augustine writes to God about the ways that he has seen God shape his life as he looks back on it. Augustine had a rebellious youth. It was a time period when he wanted nothing to do with God. Eventually, God captured his heart and his life was forever changed.
One of the most well known portions of his book comes from the fourth line of his autobiography:
“You have made us for yourself, and restless is our heart until it comes to rest in you” (Confessions of St. Augustine 1).
What a powerful statement. God created each one of us for himself. 
Once we embrace this reality, it is like our hearts come to rest in God. When we forget this central truth, our hearts may feel restless. We will feel like wanderers–aimless. When Augustine looked back on his life, he realized the many ways that God was writing his story. Often we miss God at work in the moment. We are too caught up in the present circumstances to recognize God’s grace.
There is power in looking back. You’ll begin to notice the many ways God was working in your life without your knowledge. Your challenge this week is to spend some time reflecting on your life. Look back at the major events of your life. Ask the following questions:
1. Where did God subtly shape your story?
2. When have you felt most restless? When have you felt most at rest?
3. How is God at work in your life today?
“We make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”
-Proverbs 16:9
See you on Sunday!
-Pastor David
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