New Preaching Series

Do you hear the trumpet sound?

It’s ringing throughout the town! It is the sound that marks the Year of Jubilee!

Ok, so there was no trumpet sound throughout Denver (although there was a solar eclipse). But if you lived in ancient Israel, every 50 years this sound would mark the beginning of something new.

A fresh start.

A new opportunity.

The Year of Jubilee.

In Hebrew, Jubilee means “blast of a horn.” During the fiftieth year, all debts were canceled, all property was returned, all slaves were freed.

It was The Great Reset.

We don’t celebrate years like this anymore, but…

I wonder if we can apply some of the principles of Jubilee to our world today. Can we dedicate this next year to God as our own form of Jubilee?

This Sunday we are starting a mini-preaching series titled The Year Of Jubilee. We will spend three weeks studying this ancient practice.

April 14—Dedicating The Year To God

April 21—A Fresh Start— Beginning Anew With God

April 28—Jubilee Life today

Dinner and Bible Study

Tomorrow, April 10, Wednesday Night Dinner returns. This includes all children’s programming, choir rehearsal, and the 4:45 pm Bible study.

The Bible study is starting a new topic. We are beginning a study on 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Many scholars believe these letters were the first to be written in the New Testament. Join us at 4:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Mold in the Office

The church office building is closed until further notice.

The Buildings and Grounds Team contracted with Renew Restoration to conduct mold testing in the church office. They did so because of some concerns about health-related symptoms that can be associated with mold. Unfortunately, the findings were not good. There are levels of mold in the office that are not safe. Renew Restoration is the same company that conducted mold testing and remediation of the office in 2017. After the 2017 remediation, the mold in the office was taken care of. Unfortunately, it has returned.

Therefore, The Buildings and Grounds Team, together with the staff, are hard at work creating interim working spaces until a long-term plan can be developed.

The receptionist desk has been moved to the Gathering Area temporarily. Instead of stopping by the office for assistance, come to the Gathering Area Monday-Thursday from 9 am to noon. Janeen will be working from the Meeting Room. Ginia will be working from the preschool office (CYC). David and Dana will be upstairs in the Education Building.

Even though staff members are working in various places on campus, you can still get a hold of us by calling the main church line or our cell phones.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work toward these interim office solutions.

See you on Sunday!

—Pastor David

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