My First Campmeeting

I have been here at Unity for about a year and a half now, and I continue to experience “firsts” in the Denver area. This weekend, my family experienced another first: campmeeting!

This sort of tradition did not exist in Seattle or Tampa. We attended the Children’s Day on Saturday. We got to experience pig racing, pony rides, jugglers (with fire!), rides, and my daughter’s personal favorites- snow cones! My highlight was knocking someone down in the dunk tank on my second throw.

There was a lot to do. But what stood out to me the most was how everything was free for children. Food, rides, games- all of it. This event was obviously geared toward the enjoyment of kids. It was a fun first. 
Personally, I really enjoy new experiences. But I recognize that new can be scary and uncomfortable as well. This week I have on my mind all of the students and teachers that will begin school on Monday. Students will be joining a new class in a new grade. They will develop friendships with new classmates. They will learn new curriculum. Teachers will learn new names and personalities of students.

That is a lot of change!

My prayer is that this new school year becomes a time of blessing and excitement for students and teachers alike.
On Sunday, we will be having a Blessing Of The Backpacks. We will give every student a backpack tag that says, “This backpack has been blessed by a congregation that loves and supports this student.” In the midst of all of the changes during a new school year, we want students and teachers to remember something that never changes: God’s love and this congregation’s support of them.

Please join us this Sunday as we pray for our students and teachers who prepare for a new year:
I pray for all parents who will drop off their child at school with a mixture of fear, gratitude, and relief.
I pray for all teachers who dedicate their time, energy, creativity and expertise to educating the next generation.
I pray for all students to have passion for their studies, endurance in their tiredness, patience with their classmates, and joy throughout this unique time of their lives.

See you on Sunday for the Blessing of the Backpacks!
-Pastor David
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