Help Us Name a Church

Pictured above– our rental space for the new church in Lincolnton. This is in the Anderson building off of Main Street.

In 1764, a church was created by a group of settlers in North Carolina. This church was called “Beattie’s Meeting House,” named after pioneer John Beattie. These settlers were of Scotch-Irish descent and of a Presbyterian faith. Beattie’s Meeting House started in a log cabin and expanded as the congregation grew.

Around 1818, the church changed its name to— you guessed it— Unity Presbyterian Church. Unity continues its vibrant mission and outreach to the community, now in its 257th year. Unity continues to gather each Sunday in dynamic worship of our creator.

Now, for the first time in its history, Unity is planting a new church.

We want your help in naming the new church!

But wait! We’re not simply pulling a name out of a hat. The name of the new church must fit the context in which it is planted. Here’s a bit about the church to help you decide on the right name.

The new church will be planted in Lincolnton, North Carolina. We have rented space in the Anderson Building off of Main Street in downtown. Our first service is planned for September 12.

The new church will specifically seek to be welcoming to the unchurched and the de-churched.

Unchurched- those who have never attended church.

De-churched- those who attended church previously, but no longer attend.

We want to create a church that assists all people to come to know God, regardless of their history in the church.

Imagine a man who has never attended church— ever. When this man thinks about the word church, he’s hesitant (do they just want my money)? and worried (aren’t Christians judgmental)? But this person hears of a community that is authentically welcoming— a church that all types of people are attending. He’s looking for meaning in his life, and decides to give it a try.

What would that church be called?

Here’s another scenario to spur your imagination.

Imagine a woman who grew up in the church, and has many positive memories of her childhood faith community. By the time she left for college, she stopped attending church. She didn’t believe it was relevant to her life any longer. She left church and didn’t look back…until she had her first child. All of the sudden, she now finds that she wants her child to grow up in a community of faith like she did. She hears of a church that has people of all life stages attending.

What would that church be called?

There’s power in a name. We are seeking your feedback as we brainstorm some possible names for the new worshiping community in Lincolnton. Though this vote will not be the sole determiner of the name, your opinion is helpful to the process. As you visualize the people who may be part of the community, use this survey to vote for the names that you like best to identify this new community. Thank you for your participation in our naming process.

Survey Link for New Church Name:

This Sunday Pastor Dana preaches as we continue our summer series on the parables.

See you on Sunday!
-Pastor David

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