Haiti Mission Trip

Tanya Koehler, Autumn Koehler, and Kate Conrad are back from a week long mission trip to Haiti. Here is a summary in their own words:

Tanya: Haiti is the place where Autumn and I left a piece of our hearts, but the pieces we received from others is beyond comprehension. I know we’ll be back. Autumn and I helped with CCH’s annual summer camp. Autumn and Allie were in charge of games. I assisted all week (and taught a class on Thursday) in the science room (on archeology and shark teeth…go figure). I know we learned as much as the children did, and gained more than we could ever have imagined.

Autumn: Haiti was everything I hoped for and more. It was such an emotional and unforgettable experience….I truly can’t wait to go back. It humbled me and gave me a whole new perspective on my life and the world. I still have tears of happiness, but also tears of sadness. For the life they only know and for the life I know….I want to continue bringing a little piece of happiness to them. Helping others is honestly what brings me happiness in my life. Haiti is such a beautiful country and the people are so, so loving and friendly. Although, there is a harsh reality that these people face every day…and seeing it in person is so much different than seeing it in pictures/media/books. I haven’t stopped thinking about Haiti since I’ve left. I have come to appreciate my life and what I have a little more since visiting there. I’m looking forward and I’m so excited to visit Haiti again in the near future. Thank you all for those who donated and made this possible for me. I will have more pictures following this post. All in all, I miss Haiti so much and I have found a new love for a country other than my own.

Kate: One of the best parts of my job is having the opportunity to introduce people to Haiti and international mission work. Highlights from the trip include: Tanya and Autumn fully embracing the Haitian culture, connecting and building relationships with the students and teachers at CCH’s partner schools, getting to know CCH staff and learning about their joys and struggles, learning and understanding international mission work and how we can best approach it. It was a wonderful week. Thank you to the mission team and the Unity family for your support.

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