Faith Fuel Program

Allow me to introduce you to Favour.

Favour is an 11 year old girl who lives in Nigeria. Through your support of Unity’s mission programs, Favour is supported financially so that she can receive an education. Unity partners with Access to Success to promote faith, education and family support in Nigeria.

A2S supports 250 children through their After School Academy. They chose education as their primary focus because this is one of Nigeria’s greatest needs. Currently Nigeria has 13.2 million children who are not enrolled in school—the most in the world. A2S seeks to change that by offering an education to children like Favour.

Let’s learn a bit more about Favour through this note from Access to Success:

“Favour Osamagiemede (means God did not let me fail) is 11 years old and loves mathematics because she loves to do calculations. Favour struggles a bit with the English language, but the After School Academy has helped her become more proficient. She wants to do well in her studies and hopefully secure a scholarship in the future so that she can relieve her parents from their daily worries. She loves the After School Academy because she notices that there is nothing like it in her community and that the Academy is helping many kids just like her. During her prayer time, she prays for strength for all the donors and staff of A2S. Her favorite teacher at the academy is her mathematics teacher, Miss Grace. Favour is working hard to move from the third position in her class to the first position.

Favour loves her family so much and enjoys living with her parents and her two siblings. Her father works as a security guard, while her mother is a chef at a private residence. When she was a kid, she followed her mother everywhere, and now that Favour is older, she looks up to her mother as a role model because she is hardworking, beautiful, and supports the home. Understandably, Favour wants to be just like her mother.

The community where Favour lives are only a short distance from the After School Academy. It is serene and cordial, but occasional fights and access to water is an issue. Favour says that it would be nice to have running water while doing her chores. This young lady is thrilled when there is food in the house, as you can imagine since her mother is a chef! She also loves the gifts she has received from A2S, friends, and families. Family time for Favour’s family is dinner time because that is usually when her entire family is home.

Favour dreams of becoming a medical doctor to help the sick and bring light into their lives. She would love to eventually buy new clothes for her parents and build them a better house. When Favour is not reading her books, she loves to gather the kids in her community and teach them mathematics. Marvelous, her best friend, attends the same school and the After School Academy, where they are members of the music club and enjoy the voice training they receive from the A2S music coordinator, Aunty Comfort. Favour is a Christian who loves Biblical teachings, especially the creation story in the book of Genesis. She says that God is very creative as he created the world out of nothing. Her favorite Biblical characters are Adam and Eve.

Favour says, “when I have a job, I will help the needy the way A2S and Uncle Andrew does.” And her address to the world is that she would tell every kid like her to play hard and study well.

Please join me this week as I pray for Favour. I pray for her education, her love of learning, her understanding of God’s love, and for her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Thank you Unity for supporting a robust mission program! It is because of your support that we can support children like Favour.

This Sunday we will conclude our GO series with a big announcement that you won’t want to miss.

See you on Sunday!

-Pastor David

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