A Snowy Pause

Snow day!
Did you enjoy the snow on Sunday and Monday?

After spending ten years in Florida, a place where it is still in the 70’s this week, I found myself very excited to play in the snow. Having a six and a four-year-old only added to the excitement. We built a snow man. We had a snowball fight (although it was short lived…apparently my girls don’t actually like being hit by snow). We thoroughly enjoyed being out in the winter weather.

Yet…I found myself really missing church on Sunday. I deeply value worship through the Advent season. I missed being with my church community as we journey together through the story of Jesus’ birth. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is a good thing to pause during Advent.

This season is all about waiting, anticipation and expectation for Jesus’ birth.

It is easy to miss this when you’re going from Christmas activity to Christmas activity with little time in between to catch your breath. Having a day or two where I was forced to slow down because of the snow helped me appreciate more deeply the meaning of Advent. Last week in worship, at the 9:30 service, our guest musician, Eileen Kosmala, partnered with Jeff Perks to sing one of my favorite Advent songs- “Winter Snow.” Its lyrics remind us how Jesus came into the world- with little fanfare.


“You came like a winter snow

Quiet and soft and slow

Falling from the sky in the night

To the earth below”


You can listen to the whole song here:



I hope you continue to find places to pause this season. Times to catch your breath and appreciate the quiet, soft moments.

On a separate note, this Sunday our choir will perform a Christmas Cantata for both the 9:30 and 11 am service. This is a great service to invite your friends to— I know it will be fantastic! I unfortunately will miss this service— I have a wedding that I committed to a year ago, so I will be out of town. Thank goodness for the capability to stream this service! So I’ll see you next Sunday!


-Pastor David

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