Ukrainian Refugee Help

Stacy Sample, a Denver, NC native, is actively involved in establishing a shelter for the Ukrainian refugees. Stacy has served in the mission field in Eastern Europe for over 13 years and currently works for One Collective in Budapest. Since One Collective currently had missions in Eastern Europe, they have the manpower ready to implement help. They are knowledgeable in the culture and the area. Donations are needed to run the shelters they are establishing for the refugees.

A fund has been established for 100% of the funds to go to the refugee shelters. Since the border to Ukraine is open from Hungary, daily vans send supplies and return with refugees. The Budapest train station expects to receive up to 6,000 refugees a day. Stacy, partnering with her church, Agora Gellert, are renting and equipping an apartment to house and feed 10 refugees for temporary housing.

Stacy describes the need: “It costs around $25 to house and feed a refugee for one night! We are opening a short-term shelter where we not only house people but also help them connect to services here and get to their destination. You can make a difference in the lives of many by giving directly to to help us open this shelter and keep it running! “ If you would rather, you can make a donation to Unity and mark it “Ukrainian Refugee” and we will send in everything that we collect.

NC friends they need your help. We may not be able to help millions, but we can help a few.  Pray for Stacy and One Collective in their efforts to help the Ukrainian people.

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