ULearn Academy

Unity is excited to announce a new opportunity to help working families with school aged children.  Karen Taylor and Bailey Beam will be on hand to help your children with their zoom classes, provide recreational time, and monitor their learning. We hope this will allow parents time to work on their own projects and offer our students a structured environment in which to learn.

Students will be supervised from 8am-12:00pm, Monday through Friday (we are unable to offer a longer program without certification from the State of NC.) You choose the days that work for your children and pay only for the time they spend with us.

Cost is $50 deposit per family due with your registration form, $20 per day for the first student attending, and $10 per day for additional siblings.  We hope this will allow you to send them just for the time you need without having to pay for time not used. Please fill out the registration form and email it to janeen@unitypres.org to secure your spot.

-Features of program:

  • Students can explore their creative side with music and art activities
  • Routine and structure
  • Daily remote learning time to support your child with virtual learning requirements.
  • Daily outside time. Will utilize covered areas during rainy weather so all can get fresh air and outdoor breaks throughout the morning.
  • Monitoring and light tutoring available to help them complete their work. (No guarantees that we will know how to help them with everything!)

–Safety Precautions:

  • Daily temperature checks
  • Disclaimer forms
  • Staff and children required to wear masks when not seated at their table.
  • Frequent hand washing and access to hand sanitizer
  • Socially distant work areas. Family members can sit at same table.
  • Individual snacks and drinks provided by families
  • Attendance limited to 13 (or max of 18 with siblings) students with maximum on Wednesdays when both school systems are remote.

–Each child will need to bring each day:

  • The electronic device they need to complete their assignments and class meetings. Please make sure devices are fully charged each morning as charging stations may not be close enough to each work station.
  • Clearly written log in Id’s and passwords so they are able to access sites and systems on their own or with minimal help from staff.
  • Ear buds or headphones
  • Any additional materials needed such as workbooks, notebooks, paper, several sharpened pencils, etc. Anything needed to complete their school work.
  • Thermos filled with water, a snack they can serve, eat , and clean up themselves. Refrigerator, microwave will not be available.
  • Hand sanitizer for their work station
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